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Frequently Asked Questions

Whats the commission I’ll receive?

We pay 50% commission on the purchase price (Purchase price is $197 NZD) of every Global Summit Pack sold.

When does the commission get paid out?

60 Days after the purchase is made, the commission will get paid out (this allows for the unlikely possibility of any returns).

How do I find out how much commission is owing and when its due?

Easy! Simply log into our affiliate centre using your username and password (all your login details are emailed to you including the affiliate centre link). Inside the affiliate centre you’ll see all the details you’ll need including how much commission you’ve earnt and when it will be paid to you.

How am I paid?

You’ll be paid directly into your ‘PayPal’ account. When registering your details above, you’re asked to put in your PayPal email. This allows us to put your commission directly into your PayPal account. Super easy! Click here to create a PayPal account if you don’t already have one.

How do I get started?

  1. Fill in your details above.
  2. Check your email inbox! The email which is sent out to you includes: Your unique affiliate link, your login details & a sample email script you could copy and paste.
  3. Promote via Facebook/Email/Twitter etc (whichever you choose!) a message to encourage people to register for the CreateYourSelf Global Summit for FREE! Include your unique affiliate link for them to click on (this will take them through to the website where they can register)

The more times you post, share, email … the more money you’ll potentially make!!